La verbe CROIRE

  • sascafeJe crois que mon café est délicieux.
  • Tu crois qu’il est dégoûtant.
  • Il croit que le café à CC’s est bon. Elle croit que Carpe Diem est mieux. On croit que The Lab est le meilleur
  • Nous croyons que Sasquatch existe.
  • Vous croyez qu’il n’existe pas.
  • Ils croient que Sasquatch est méchant. Elles croient qu‘il est gentil.

Conjugaison de croire – WordReference

Maintenant, travaillez ensemble pour trouver la traduction anglais de ces phrases. Laissez ce message ici comme Comment. Après vous finissez, travaillez touts seuls et créez une phrase unique, utilisant ces phrases comme des exemples: Nous croyons que (nom) est (adjectif). Tu crois que (nom) (verbe). Vous pouvez choisir n’importe quoi nom, adjectif, et verbe, si ils marchent dans la phrase. Laissez ce nouvelle phrase ici, aussi.


23 thoughts on “La verbe CROIRE

  1. I Think that my coffee is delicious.
    You think that it is disgusting.
    He thinks that Carpe Diem is the best.
    He thinks that CC”s coffee is the best.
    Somebody thinks The Lab is better.
    We think that Sasquatch exists.
    you think that he doesn’t exist.
    They think he is a bad man. They think he is kind.

    • He thinks that CC’s coffee is good. She thinks that Carpe Diem is better. One thinks that The Lab is the best. They think that he is mean. They think that he is kind.

  2. Pg129 What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What’s grown-ups
    going to think? Going off—hunting pigs—letting fires out—and now!”
    A shadow fronted him tempestuously.
    “You shut up, you fat slug!”
    There was a moment’s struggle and the glimmering conch jigged up
    and down. Ralph leapt to his feet.
    “Jack! Jack! You haven’t got the conch! Let him speak.”
    Jack’s face swam near him.
    “And you shut up! Who are you, anyway? Sitting there telling people
    what to do. You can’t hunt, you can’t sing—”
    “I’m chief.vague;Of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning: “patients with vague symptoms”.frayed;of a fabric, rope, or cord) Unravel or become worn at the edge, typically through constant rubbing: “cheap fabric soon frays”.lamentably;(of circumstances or conditions) Deplorably bad or unsatisfactory: “the squalid facilities were lamentable”.

    • Thank you, Tevin, for following all of the directions. Your definitions are complete, with examples, and you have included a page number.

  3. Jeeringly- To laugh or scoff at a person or thing. Wearisome- Causing fatigue or annoyance. Fragile- Easily broken. The boys begin to turn savage and start fighting against each other. be rescued except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? Is a fire too much
    for us to make?”
    He flung out an arm.
    “Look at us! How many are we? And yet we can’t keep a fire going to
    make smoke. Don’t you understand? Can’t you see we ought to—ought
    to die before we let the fire out?”
    There was a self-conscious giggling among the hunters. Ralph turned
    on them passionately.
    “You hunters! You can laugh! But I tell you the smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one. Do all of you see?” He
    spread his arms wide and turned to the whole triangle.
    “We’ve got to make smoke up there—or die.”
    He paused, feeling for his next point.
    “And another thing.”
    Someone called out.
    “Too many things.”
    There came a mutter of agreement. Ralph overrode them.
    “And another thing. We nearly set the whole island on fire. And we
    waste time, rolling rocks, and making little cooking fires. Now I say this
    and make it a rule, because I’m chief. We won’t have a fire anywhere but
    on the mountain. Ever.”
    There was a row immediately. Boys stood up and shouted and Ralph
    shouted back.

  4. corkscrew ; an instrument consisting of a metal spiral.
    brushwood ; tree branches that has been cut or broken off.
    brow ; the ridge over the eye.
    page; 135.
    There was no light left save that of the stars. When they had understood
    what made this ghostly noise and Percival was quiet again, Ralph and
    Simon picked him up unhandily and carried him to a shelter. Piggy hung
    about near for all his brave words, and the three bigger boys went together to the next shelter. They lay restlessly and noisily among the dry
    leaves, watching the patch of stars that was the opening toward the lagoon. Sometimes a littlun cried out from the other shelters and once a
    bigun spoke in the dark.

  5. Slacken- to make or become less active, vigorous, intense. Taut- tightly drawn; tense; not slack. Brushwood- the wood of branches that have been cut or broken off. Pg. 137 The boys are trying to make another fire. asleep and one on watch. But they could never manage to do things
    sensibly if that meant acting independently, and since staying awake all
    night was impossible, they had both gone to sleep. Now they approached
    the darker smudge that had been the signal fire, yawning, rubbing their
    eyes, treading with practised feet. When they reached it they stopped
    yawning, and one ran quickly back for brushwood and leaves.
    The other knelt down.
    “I believe it’s out.”
    He fiddled with the sticks that were pushed into his hands.
    He lay down and put his lips close to the smudge and blew softly. His
    face appeared, lit redly. He stopped blowing for a moment.
    “Sam—give us—”
    “—tinder wood.”
    Eric bent down and blew softly again till the patch was bright. Sam
    poked the piece of tinder wood into the hot spot, then a branch. The
    glow increased and the branch took fire. Sam piled on more branches.
    “Don’t burn the lot,” said Eric, “you’re putting on too much.”
    “Let’s warm up.”
    “We’ll only have to fetch more wood.”
    “I’m cold.”
    “So’m I.”
    “Besides, it’s—”Home Page
    Title Page
    JJ II
    J I
    Page 138 of 290
    Go Back
    Full Screen
    “—dark. All right, then.”
    Eric squatted back and watched Sam make up the

  6. pg. 136 Falling parachutist
    festoon- garland of flowers
    leviathan- sea monster
    contours- outline of a shape

  7. pg137″ Eric bent down and blew softly again till the patch was bright. Sam
    poked the piece of tinder wood into the hot spot, then a branch. The
    glow increased and the branch took fire. Sam piled on more branches”.
    “Don’t burn the lot,” said Eric, “you’re putting on too much. slacking;Loosen of(something, esp. a rope). bowed: Play (a stringed instrument or music) using a bow:: an instrument used to play a stringed instrument

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