5, Rue Sésame


Yoyo, une personnage de 5, Rue Sésame

Aujourd’hui on regarde un épisode de 5, Rue Sésame. On va choisir une partenaire, faire ensemble des corrections, et mettre ici sept phrases sur le sujet des différences entre les Rues Sésames français et anglais.


5 thoughts on “5, Rue Sésame

  1. There are many different things about the French Sesame Street. One thing that’s different is that there is no Big Bird; there is only a character called Nac. Another difference is that Elmo is voiced b someone different. A third difference is that they don’t speak English. They have different names too; The French one is called 5 Rue Sesame while the American one is just called Sesame Street. I like the American version better.

  2. In France, as well as America, there is Sesame Street. It is called 5 Rue Sésame. They use French characters, instead of the American ones. For example, Big Bird is called Nac. Elmo and Grover are the only American characters. The real life children visit French museums and parks. I really enjoyed the show.

  3. I like the French version of the Sesame Street. One difference is the languages . One is in English and one is in French. The French Sesame street has better graphics then the American one. 5 (cinq), Rue Sesame is French for Five, Sesame Street. I wish there were English subtitles on the French Sesame Street. I hope the American version will change to the French version because I think it is better.

  4. There are a lot of things different at 5, Rue Sesame but there also some things that are alike. Both shows have a big yellow bird as the main character. 5, Rue Sesame’s main character’s name is Nac and Sesame Street’s main character’s name is Big Bird. Elmo is the same but he does have a different voice actor. Grover and the Count from Sesame Street are also in the show. The opening song is different and so are the streets. The biggest difference is that 5, Rue Sesame is in French and Sesame Street is in English.

  5. I think the difference between sesame street and the french version is. One our sesame street has the same characters as do the french version only are characters are in a different color.Two our big bird is the same but different voice and yoyo is just a different color.

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