Projet de recherche des carrières

superheroesJe veux devenir un(e) _________. Un(e) (ce profession fait quoi?). Je veux être un(e) _________ parce que j’aime __________. Un salaire annuel de $______ à $______ est caractéristique pour cette profession. (L’université/l’académie/l’institut) offre (une licence/un diplôme). En particulier, je veut (me spécialiser comment). (Titre) est une livre écrit par (écrivain) en (date), qui s’agit de _______. (Modèle) est mon modèle parce qu’il/elle ____________. L’inconvénient de ce profession est ________ . (Un mission particulaire.) C’est necessaire d’apprendre _____, parce que ______. Quelques traits du personalité que je veut avoir sont ____________.20130415-115705.jpg


20 thoughts on “Projet de recherche des carrières

      • I want to be a mechanic because I love working on engines. I do not know why but I think it is fun. My dad and I have already fixed a truck, four wheeler, motorcycle, and a dirt bike. I would rather work on motorcycles than cars because they are easier. I want to go to Wyotech for college because it teaches me to be a master mechanic. Wyotech is a technical college that teaches me everything to know about motorcycles. I would like to go there for at least two years. My dad’s friend has experience with this. He builds racecars, fourwheelers, and motorcycles. I would expect at least $32,000 annually. You do not need much certification to be a mechanic; you just need to know how to work on cars and engines. I would like to eventually open my own shop specializing in motorcycles. Many well-known people have this job like Carroll Shelby, Chip Foose, and Boyd Coddington. Carroll Shelby was an American automotive designer and racecar driver. Chip Foose is an American hot rod shop owner, automotive designer, and a fabricator. Boyd Coddington was an American hot rod designer and the owner of Boyd Coddington hot rod shop.

      • When I grow up, I want to be an ambassador. I like this career choice because I enjoy learning about other countries and their cultures. I have some experience in diplomacy and research, which are important skills for an ambassador. An ambassador’s salary is somewhere around $47,000 to $64,000. Training would require researching the country to which you would like to be ambassador,(in my case Australia), and their culture and languages, if you do not already know them. To become ambassador to Australia, you must be friends with the the President. Many presidents were formerly ambassadors, such as John Adams, who was first ambassador to the UK and second President of the United States. Others became famous simply by being ambassador, like Jefferson Caffery, who was Ambassador to France during World War Two.

      • I want to be a director. I was inspired by David Lean’s 1965 movie Doctor Zhivago for the feel of the Revolution and the love affair, and Sengei Bondanchuk’s 1970 movie Waterloo for the epic battle scenes. I would earn from $16,000 up to $30,000,000. My dad is a producer, which is close to a director. I would have to attend film school. I would like to go the film school at the University of Texas at Austin, for at most three years. Some directors I like are David Lean, best known for Lawrence of Arabia in 1962, Sergei Fedrovicn, best known for War and Peace in 1968, Eleem Klimove, best known for Come and See in 1985, and Sergei Eiserstein, best known for Battleship Potemkin in 1925.

      • I want to be a chef because I like to cook. I admire my friend Mica, also known as Will Ferrell. He makes the best-tasting steaks I ever tasted. The salary would not be high like I want in the beginning of my career. I need to go to culinary arts school to get my degree. Chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are famous chefs that are alive today. Ramsey Gordon is a restaurateur and has a couple of TV shows about running a restaurant and cooking meals. Jamie Oliver is trying to ban processed foods in national schools. They are are both British chefs that are trying to make a difference in the culinary arts for every nation.

  1. I have chosen a career as a super-heroine because I wanted a thrilling, fast-paced job and I also wanted to give back to the community. There are many different types of superheroes and I in fact know a few. Some are fictional while others are real. Some examples include firemen, police and Batman. It is likely that superheroes require a college degree. I estimate that they do not get paid very much but that would be fine with me as long as it was something I enjoyed. Life is not all that easy, so I would need enough money to make a living. I would assume superheroes make $15 an hour. Action movie actors generally make $10,000,000 per film depending on the actor or actress. Catwoman is an example of an anti-heroine, which is someone who is not exactly a hero or a villain. These people may lack certain qualities that heroes have such as courage or powers. They may also have darker qualities such as being violent or being burglars. Lara Croft and Wonder Woman are also examples of female superheroes. I admire them because of their bravery and strength.

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