L’art avec de l’encre

Ce matin j’ai trouvée un panier plein des encres, des pinceaux, et des tampons, taillés avec ces images. Mme. Box a me dit qu’ils sont crées par les élèves dans les courses d’arts ce dernier été. Quelle bonne surprise! Je les ai essayée sur du papier, et je pense qu’ils sont fantastiques.




Mon weekend

Quoi fîtes-vous ce weekend?

Si c’était ennuyeux, inventez quelques choses. Ecrivez sept phrases parfaites, laissez-les d’être corrigées par une camarade, et soumettez votre histoire sur Couvi-Land.



I woke up at one in the morning to drop off my sister on a bus going to Wyoming. Then we went back to sleep. We had pancakes for breakfast. Then we watched Iron Man 3 and went to an Italian restaurant. Then we went to Barnes and Noble’s. Finally we went back to sleep. On Sunday we decided to watch another movie, Zero Dark Thirty. It was not very good.


On Friday I saw a film called Walk Hard. It was so funny that I cried myself to sleep. On Saturday me, myself and Dad went to Best Buy to find some Pixies albums, but we ended up buying The Best Beethoven. On Sunday we went to Albertson’s. We just bought cream corn and beans.


On Friday I and my Aunt Wanda took the city bus to the Walmart on Pinhook. First we ate at Royal Panda and it was pretty good, and then we went to Walmart and I bought some new makeup and bath products. Jadie came to my house Saturday and we went to Heart Starters at the Cajun Dome. It was really weird and gross. It made me uncomfortable because people were watching us, but I saw some people there that I knew. Sunday we had Cinco de Mayo food and it was amazeballs. We had burritos, chimichangas, tacos, nachos and fruit smoothies. The chimichangas were my favorite. In the evening we went shopping for my school lunches and I watched some comedy videos.


My weekend was probably not the worst of them all. At first the weekend started off
slow but got faster. The next day all my favorite shows came on, like “Ben 10,” “Omniverse,” “Beyblade Metal fury,” “Pokemon BW Adventures in Unova,” “Max Steel,” “Beyblade v force,” “Monsuno Combat Chaos,” and “Huntik Secrets seekers.” The last day I watched a movie with my family together.